$85 Raised for Cheetah Conservation Fund

Charity Goal: $5,000
Money Raised: $85

Your generous donations make the world a better place. Thank you for giving!

About Cheetah Conservation Fund

For this race we are donating at least 20% of each registration to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, whose holistic conservation strategy is the key to success in saving the cheetah and its ecosystem. CCF works to develop best practices that benefit the entire ecosystem upon which the cheetah depends. CCF’s programs address the concerns for wildlife populations and the human communities that share the landscape.

Any extra donations here will also go to Cheetah Conservation Fund. Thanks so much!  (donations made here will not be tax deductible for you, since they will be part of the big donation we make.  You are welcome to donate to the organization directly if you'd like to. Thanks).

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NorCal cheetah runners Raised: $25 of $2000.00
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